Sunday, September 05, 2010

Oh, no!

It seems I forgot about my blog. Again!

I can only apologise. That is, if there's anybody out there reading it. I haven't been well. I have been sick for about a month. A chest infection that just will not go away. I've had about 6 doses of anti-biotics. It's crazy.

I don't know why I'm telling you this. It's not important. But as well as that, I've been busy. Re-focusing on my life and where I'd like it to go to. I seem to do this every September. It's rather odd. I know most people do it around their birthday, or so I'm told, but no, not me. I guess I have to be a little different and do it earlier. Quite a few months earlier.

I am looking at other avenues to pursue. A different career path, a different job, a different city. Possibly, even a different country. I am not yet decided, though I have a couple of options to sit and think about.

I am focusing on my writing, as that is what I'd like to do. I purchased a little A5 booklet about 2 months ago and now I seem to carry it with me wherever I go. Every day, pretty much. And I'll jot something in there if I get the chance. Lately it's been poetry and short stories. In the past week I've written 3 short stories and a poem.

I have about 7 poems all up that I've written and if you like, you're welcome to read an excert from one. I don't feel that it's any good, but I know it rhymes. Haha!

This one is the opening paragraph from 'Life's Ambition'...

My mind is blank, or so it seems,
Only coming alive within my dreams.
It twists and turns and weaves its way,
Navigating its way to a brand new day.
My deepest thoughts, my biggest fears,
Contained within for all these years.
You're not allowed inside; I won't let you see,
Its access restricted, allowed only by me.
However please be patient and give it time,
Certain things I will share from within my mind.
Some thoughts are dark, some thoughts are deep,
If they stay inside, they're mine to keep.
If I let them out, if I dare to be daring,
My inner self with you I'll be sharing.
I'll let you see what goes on inside,
What makes me laugh, what makes me cry.
What sometimes brings me to my knees,
The pain inside, it makes me weep.
As I grasp for the strength to stand back up,
Though sometimes I find that it's not enough.
I search for courage in things that I have,
Disconnecting from those in which I lack.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A silly poem.

I have started writing poetry. Correction. I have started writing. Again. And this time around, it seems I am writing poetry. A lot of it. Along with just my general thoughts and musings of the world in which I (or should that be, 'we') live.

So, I've written a poem. The subject is one you know. Someone you've encountered. More than once. Probably everyday. If not, more than once a day. In my line of work -Customer Service - I'm unfortunate enough to encounter this type of person everyday. Hourly. Heck, even every minute!

They're stupid people.

And they annoy the crap out of me!

From the looks they give you when they don't understand what you say, to the questions they ask and then you can't understand what they say. They exist. Everywhere.

Now, in my line of work, it's a given they'll they'll appear. It's to be expected. That's fine. With 15 years of experience in customer service, I'm used to it by now. But I tell you, after all this time, it still gets frustrating. And I'm often left shaking my head.

On any given shift, I'll get more than my share of stupid people. But the other night, I swear, every single customer was stupid. I'm not even kidding. Believe me, for both our sakes, I wish I was! Every. Single. One.

Now, I've said it before... I'm a pretty cool, calm and collected person, but my, oh my, were they testing my patience last Thursday. I was getting so frustrated it wasn't even funny. So, I had to vent. Below is what I came up with.

One day, I'll put it on a t-shirt. 'Stupid people shouldn't breed. Ever'. But for now, I've written it in this poem...

Hey stupid people, if you stop to see,
You'll realise that you shouldn't breed.
Your stupidity and ignorance,
Are really quite a damn nuisance.
Your confused looks and thoughtless questions,
We wonder why you have children.
So acknowledge what it is to do,
Stop breeding, please, we beg of you!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Can I copyright a quote?

I am in a constant state of confusion, loss and indecisiveness at the moment.

My life, I'm honestly not sure where it's at. I know where I want it to go and be, but the question is how to get there. I suppose the answer is to simply work hard at it. Anything is attainable if you simply take the time to try. You've got a sweat a little, if you want to see a reward at the end. This is true.

Here's a little about me you might not know... I am 30. I am not married. I do not have children. There was a time I wanted both of these things in my life. These days, I have to say, I'm not sure I want either. Who knows, perhaps my mind will change one day, but for now, where I'm at on my journey, I'm not looking for either.

I am a pretty care free person. Extremely easy going. Very rarely angry. It happens, but it's rare. And here's my advice to you... when I'm angry, be somewhere else! I rarely get annoyed. It takes a lot to annoy me. Though stupid people do it with ease. I'm pretty patient. Though I've no time for stupidity, ignorance or arrogance. If you possess all three, please, do me a favour and stay away. It's for both our own goods.

Nothing much phases me, but if you leave a light on, or leave the tap dripping with water, I'll have some words to you. This world, it is bigger than you know. Bigger than you realise. It is certainly bigger than you. I know you may not want to accept it, but one day, you won't be here. So please, take the time now to consider this earth for the day after you're gone. The people remaining will be far more thankful.

I rarely raise my voice, I like my friends and I try and laugh daily. It's not only good for the soul, but I'm sure it's the reason there's not a single grey hair on my head. And I'm pretty sure at my age, I should have at least one!

Heaven help the day it arrives though, I don't feel as though I've done enough with my life to deserve one. I might have picked up a backpack when I was 22 and seen more countries than I dreamed of by the time I was 25, but I'm not sure this warrants grey hair. I'm not sure that anything in my life does.

I am now back living at home and have been for over a year. I do not own my own place. Gosh, I don't even own a car. But I don't mind. The public transport doesn't bother me and I get to drive a car now and then anyway. Everything I own, fits into my room and a couple of boxes in the garage. I couldn't fill a house, let alone an apartment, even if I wanted to!

And that's why my life is where it is, I guess. I'm not blaming anyone for it. Blame does nobody any favours. But I'm acknowledging it. Sometimes, most times, I over think things. I take the time to assess. And then I re-assess some more. Every now and then, every few months, I seem to go through this phase. Questioning my life and all it's worth.

And I guess, that's where I'm at at the moment. A phase. I simply couldn't figure out how to say what I wanted to say, to describe my constant state of... 'being'.

Until now....

'For though my body's here, my soul is not. It is not of this time. This place. This space'.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

In the words of Eminem....

... Guess who's back?

If you answered 'You', then yes, you are correct!

It seems I lost my mojo. My muse. My reason for writing.

I also lost my password.

Oh, and forgot what my sign in was for my google account - which is, of course, connected to signing in on my blog.

Well, it seems I've remembered. I've regained my confidence, my thoughts and my voice. And it seems, my fingers can't keep up on this keyboard fast enough. They are tap, tap, tapping away as they try and maintain the speed at which my brain it moving it. They are not succeeding. I keep making mistakes and wasting time by pressing the <--- button. I've used it about 10 times already, but I've been kind enough to clear the mistakes for you. Heaven forbid, I should subject you to my grammar.

This blog will take a different turn now though.

You see, I just spent about 10 minutes trying to think of a new name for a blog -

finding my voice
writing right
what I can't say

To name a few, but alas, these were all taken. So I've decided just to stick with my original blog name... the 'moviemerlin' one, only give it a bit of a make over. A shake-up. A change.

I am no longer an 'autograzzi'. I don't do the celebrity spotting anymore. Living in Brisbane, there's not really anyone I see (though, I am hoping to find Tim McGraw come September!). So now, the blog will just be about anything. And everything. My thoughts, my musings, my life, my rants - as the keys I tap become words and the words become sentences, this will become my blog.

My life is taking a change, or at least, I hope it is. I've now decided what I'd like to do and where I'd like to be, and I'm hoping with all hope, that I'll get there. My fate is to be a writer, that much I know... I just have to be willing to take a few steps to get there.

So, please, come take a walk me. Follow me on this journey. Maybe you'll laugh. Maybe you'll cry. Maybe you'll get to the end of a post and wish you could get that 3 minutes of your life back. But if you can't do that, then I ask only this of you...

Please, forgive me for taking 2 years to get back to you. You sure were missed!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Living the life of an Autograzzi

(A little overdue, but as promised, here's your lunchtime reading...)

Ok, technically I'm not a 'Die Hard' Autograzzi. From my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong, an 'autograzzi' is the sharpie-in-hand version of a paparazzi. That's to say they're where the celebrities are... all the time. At the hotel. At a premiere. At a restaurant. At a club. They're always there and waiting being tipped off who's inside, who's coming or who's about to check-in. I don't get all that information. But I've stepped up my game in recent months. Namely because come May, I won't be in London any longer and I won't be doing this (silly and questionable) hobby. I do a bit of research, read the papers, talk to the paps and the pure, true 'autograzzi' to get some information. But if they've done me a favour, I don't get in their way. I want an autograph, maybe two. They want 6, 7 or 10. I let them get a couple, then I step in, see what I can get, then step out of the stampede.

Recently, I've had THE busiest week. I think I finally sympathise will my paparazzi friend Hughie. He's been doing the whole paparazzi thing for years. If you've read my blog you'll know who Hughie is. I've mentioned him before and just a few weeks ago I dedicated a post just to him. Hughie doesn't get autographs, he gets photographs. I try and do both. I like to get an autograph and then try and get a photo of them signing or looking up and then I'll put that in a nice frame with the auotograph and list when and where it was taken. It's a hobby. A very tiring one if this week is anything to go by.

I think the week I crossed the boundary. I've gone from 'hobby collector' to 'Autograzzi' (a term Hughie uses and one that's rubbed off on me). I got to work early on Monday morning (too early) so I could leave for 90 minutes for an 'appointment'. This is something I've NEVER done before. But I came in early to work the time that I knew I'd be out of the office for. I went to wait for Kevin Spacey. He's one on my top 10 to get an autograph from. For those of you that know, I live in London. Kevin's currently doing theatre just down the road from my work office. You'd think he'd be easy enough to get on the 2 photos I want signed - one he's holding an Oscar the other is a movie still from 'The Negotiator' (a film I've watched too many times to remember). But no. Mr Spacey refuses to sign non-theatre merchandise at stage door. All fair and good, but I've seen him turn people away with photos and DVD covers and they've come from the States or Europe to watch and meet him. A few broken hearts no doubt.

Monday (31st March, 2008) - I was waiting for Kevin in the morning (or so I thought) when I'd been there about 20 minutes and was told he had 'pre-recorded' his interview. I was in a little bit of shock. The man lives a 10 minute walk from the studio. He lives in London. He pre-recorded?! There were a few annoyed collectors to say the least. Me especially because trying to get this man to sign my two photos in the past 4 months has been the bane of my existence! Plus, I'd gotten up early to go to work so I could leave. Alas, no luck.

But all was not lost. The bonus came (and for me, this was even more exciting than a 2 time Oscar winner I've been running around London for) was that a Bee Gee... an original Bee Gee... was due to turn up. About 30 minutes after the 'bad news' Robin Gibb pulled up. He was running a little late so he didn't sign but said he'd do it on the way out. True to his word, he did. What a lovely and approachable man. Plus, he grew up in my home town in Australia, so he and I were 'chatting' about Brisbane. He asked where I was from and it turns out he grew up only 2 suburbs away. I managed to get my photo with him and I scored two autographs (one is for my younger cousin who's also a fan), so all was not lost.

Tuesday (April 1st)- I took in the play Kevin's starring in with Jeff Goldblum. It's called 'Speed-The-Plow' and if you're in London... Go and see this play! It was just phenomanal. Well worth the money for a ticket. Thought in process... actually, I believe it's sold out but standing tickets are still available and it's only 90 minutes long, so that's a decent amount of time to not sit. After the play I went to stage door where I managed to get Jeff and Kevin to sign my programme. When Kevin signed I said something like 'You look more alive and at ease on that stage than any film I've seen you in' to which he looked up at me and said 'Oh, well thank you'. The look he gave me was one that he seemed he appreciated the comment. I didn't want to ask Mr Spacey to sign my photos, though in hindsight, it was a quiet night for stage door, so I wonder if he would've done it, especially after the reaction he gave me. I guess I'll never know.

Wednesday (April 2nd)- This was the night of the premiere for the new Martin Scorsese rockumentary 'Shine A Light' about the Rolling Stones' last tour. I heard Scorsese had cancelled, so it was just the four boys from the band turning up. When I say 'just' that's because I was a little disappointed one of the world's greatest directors wasn't making an appearance. I managed to see the band - Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie - and pulled off a quick few photos. I would've had a great shot of the four of them, but as usual, a PA was in the way. Ah, this is why I need a press pass!
Mick came over and signed and he would've signed for me but an 'autograzzi' went over me and that was the last signature he did in my area (he only did about five). Keith walked directly over to me, made eye contact and then at the last minute, took a detour and started 5 people to my left. Why? Why, Keith.... WHY?!? Granted, he looked a little off his rocker. Ronnie, who's usually very good with signing didn't do anything but Charlie, bless his soul came over and had a little chat and posed and signed my two photos and the movie poster I'd hung up on the barrier.

(Damn P.A! This would've made for a nice photo otherwise!)
After the premiere was over, I had just over an hour to kill before one of country music's biggest name's was due to appear. Kris Kristofferson was in town and I just HAD to meet him! I jumped on a bus and took the 20 minute journey to the concert venue where I waited for him to come out. And waited. And waited some more. After the concert, there were about 40 fans waiting at his tour bus and about 60 over by stage door. Unfotunately, they weren't close enough to stand between the two. You could walk between them, but you had to choose... one or the other. The bus or the door.
As the time drifted away and a lot of the fans gave up and security advised us that 'Mr Kristofferson had left', I didn't like my chances. The only good thing was that the tour bus was there... and I figure he had to get on it. Yeah, I had to go to work in the morning but come on... Kris Kristofferson! I had gotten the autograph from his support act at stage door so I was (stupidly) standing there. The next thing I know, about 7 people high tailed it to the bus, so I went with them. I rounded the corner to see this silver haired man being flocked by a see of colours. Autograph collectors, most of them fans, were getting Kris' autograph. I ran up behind them (there was only about 15 people by this time) and Kris was still signing. Phew! And he signed and signed.
His security was trying to rush him on the bus, but he just kept signing. It was apparently the first and only time he'd signed after a concert because normally he got straight on the tour bus. It looked like I was about to miss him and I asked my friend to get my autograph because he'd gotten his stuff done and I hadn't gotten Kris yet, so he reached over and got one of my photos. As I was talking to my friend his security overhead me say 'No, I haven't gotten him yet' to my friend and said 'Kris, sign for this lady and that lady and then we'll get on the bus'. So Kris signed my two other photos - slowly, full signature - and then he signed about 3 more for others before boarding the bus. By the time I got home, it was 1:30am.
Thurdsay (April 3rd) - After finishing work I took in another show on the West End. I went to see the new musical (by new, I mean it just opened in London recently) 'Hairspray'. Wow! What a show! It'll have to you clapping your hands and tapping your feet and if you don't leave here with that 'feel good' feeling, then clearly, you're just not human! I would've liked to have done stage door, but Mariah was in town and she was finishing a TV taping, so I didn't know what time she was due back. It was anyone's guess. I figure I'd do stage door another time (which I've since done) and go and check out her hotel (wonderfully published in the paper, thus making my research easy).

I arrived to find about 10 other autograph collectors and about 3 paparazzi. I thought 'Hmm... that's kinda quiet', but stuck around none-the-less.

Now remember, 6 months ago, I never did hotels and restaurants, so this is all still very new to me. After waiting here for about an hour or more we found out she was at a restaurant around the corner. So I walked up there (only a 2 minute hike) and found about 10 paparazzi and about 15 fans waiting and was told she'd gone into the restaurant 30 mintues earlier and signed and posed. Bummer!

So, I decided to play the waiting game for the second night in a row. I mean, she's a small woman, how long can it take to eat a meal? Well, you'd be surprised! At about 2:10am she emerged and posed infront of a collaboration of '18' balloons (signifying her 18th Number 1 hit) for the waiting paparazzi. I was standing right by the door so she had to pass me to get in the car. I thought my chances of an autograph there were good. Unfortunately I had to get past her burly bodyguard. My God, did he do his job good! As I hadn't planned to go anywhere after the theatre, I didn't have my good camera on me. I always carry a disposable and the result isn't too bad...

No luck at the restaurant, though she did do a couple of autographs. I then high-tailed it back to the hotel and as I was running there, her car sped past me and I thought 'I'm not gonna make it!'. I rounded the corner and figured she'd already be getting papped... but she hadn't even gotten out of the car. She must've sat it in a few minutes before she got out.

And then it hit.

Mass hysteria. Pandamoneium. Pure, absolute madness. Out of nowhere the crowd expanded 10 fold. This woman literally stopped traffic.

I have never in my life, seen anything like it... and I've seen some things! Her bodyguard was blocking her good as she got out of the car, but Mariah was nice enough to reach over and sign some autographs. At this point I was standing right by the hotel door entance and thought 'Ok, I'll let the paps go first', but I saw her signing and realised it was being done in reverse. Sign now. Pap later. So... I got in there. I had to fight with her bodyguard to get in there, but she signed my photo. There's even a photo of me on WENN getting my autograph. Ok, let's be honest... the photo's of Mariah, but that's my silver sharpie she's holding as she's signing my photo with the yellow sticky note attached!

Ah... 4 hours waiting and finally... success! Worth it? It's not the greatest autograph and it was rushed but yeah, it's Mariah Carey. When will I see her again?

The funniest part of the night (and this would've made it worthwhile had I not gotten an autograph) is when a crazy fan wanted to give her a letter because she was a 'songwriter' who Mariah owed money to. This lady was booed and yelled and sworn at by both Mariah's staff and her fans. 'Mariah writes all her own songs. She don't owe you shit!'. She was persisent. 'Give her this letter. It's got my number. She owes me money. I'm a songwriter. We're gonna settle this in court!' to which the crowd burst out laughing... and she proceeded to stomp off down the street. I tell ya, you just can't script that stuff! Free entertainment at it's best!

So all-in-all it had been a busy. I've dipped my feet into the 'autograzzi' water and it's been a success. Though, I doubt I could do this all the time. Chasing and yelling and staying out until God knows when. It's all a little bit uncertain and you don't always get what you want. I'm now feeling the after affects though. I'm tired and worn out. I'm trying to concetrate at my job (I actually work during the day. Remember... this is just a hobby!) and I'm thinking about the next few days. I wonder if they'll slow down for me. I doubt it. George Clooney has a premiere next week and his good buddy Matt Damon's filming about town.

And to think, this was just 'a week in the life'....

Hughie, how do you do it?!?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

2000 Hits!

Woo Hoo! Two Thousand Hits! TwoThousand Hits!

T-w-o T-h-o-u-s-a-n-d H-i-t-s!!!!

Let me put it numerically for you.... 2000!!!

As feeble as it may seem to you, I'm a little excited. I always wonder if people stop and take the time to read this blog.

And now I'm at 2000 hits, I'm wondering who besides Caity, my cousin and myself even know this blog exits?! Oh and Hughie, I think he's my biggest reader. He's probably chuckling slightly to himself. Him and all his 188560 hits!

Not that I mind. I sincerely thank you for stopping by!

Ok, enough with the ego dance. It's far too out of character for my liking!

Stop back in a few days. I'm working on a massively long post. It'll take your whole lunch break to get through it. I've been playing autograzzi for a week... and boy, am I tired!

Thank you for reading and my apologies for the outburst. Don't worry.... I'll save you the trouble... I'm off to go slap my own face!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Other Blog

I have created a new blog. One I've been wanting to do for a while. To date, there's only one post on there, but if you get the chance, please check it out - Notes From An Aussie Trekker

Or you can find the link on the left side of this page under 'links'.

Don't worry, I'll still maintain this one. The other one's just for the travel stories.

As always, thanks for reading!

A Note from an Aussie Trekker...

(For those of you on my group emailing list... this is nothing new. I've just copied and pasted.. oh and ammended the 'personal' stuff).

Well, well, well. Hello All...

My Goodness... it sure has been a long time coming for one of these group emails, now, hasn't it?! So yes, this'll be a long one!

What's it been? A year... or two?? I know it's been a while. I'm just not sure how long. There are those of you that I've written to and in turn, have written to me in the past year, so a few of you out there know that I'm still kicking. For some of you, my name in your inbox might be a shock. And then for the rest of you, you'll probably be like 'Um... who?!'.

For the those of you that sit and ponder the last question, then this answer's for you... I would've met you in my travels. Somewhere. It might have been Europe at the end of 2002 or early 2003. It might've been Canada later that year or as I trekked across the good ol' US of A in search of a Major League Baseball stadium. Or perhaps I met you when I went back to North America in 2004 and again in 2006 and most recently this past Christmas... or I've met you here in London. Hopefully one of those will jog your memory.

Still no luck? Ah, just hit 'delete' then, eh!

So yes, for the last 2 years (Almost! And My God... has it been that long!?) I've been living in London. Sunny, sunny London. Yes, that's me trying to be funny. No, it's not working. I was here for 3 months before I found a job and was on the verge of going home when I stuck it out another 2 weeks and managed to find some work (much to my Mother's dismay, I'm sure). So I've been working in the same job for almost 2 years (um... is that allowed!?) Ah well, no-one's come knockin' yet! (Touch wood!). For those of you that don't know, I work as a Data Analyst for a nice Global Company that treats their employees well. I have enjoyed the experience. I work not far from the London Eye. Infact, if I go to one of our cafes, I can take in the view of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Yes, I think I've taken it all for granted, this living in London. Though it hasn't been as kind to me as I would've liked. It certainly has been an 'expensive' experience. This living in London is really not cheap and I'm at a loss as to figure out how people can do this for more than 2 years!

Granted it hasn't been all bad and there's some things I'll miss when I leave. Of the two main things, I'll miss the movie premieres. I certainly have met quite a number of famous people since I've lived here in this city. Jack Nicholson, Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, Sandra Bullock, Sylvester Stallone, Uma Thurman and both of the Bonds... Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. There's been more, many more, but I just can't be bothered naming them all. And let's be honest... you don't want to read them all. It has been a very tiring hobby and one I'm actually looking forward to leaving behind. I've been enjoying it less and less as the months have gone on. I think I'm just getting to old to go chasing these people around for a squiggle on a piece of paper, don't you think? There's still about 7 or 8 more on my 'list of people to meet'... but I figure I've got the next 20 years to meet them, so I'm in no rush.

The second thing I'm going to miss... and this supercedes the premieres, would you believe... is the theatre. I will, without a doubt, miss the West End. It really is only second to Broadway and I've seen some great shows and watched some amazing performances over the last three years. I've had the pleasure of seeing Sir Ian McKellen perform (albeit briefly naked. Him, not me). I've watched the amazing Kevin Spacey strutt his stuff on the stage at the Old Vic theatre where he looks more alive and at ease than he does in any film and I've had the chance to see a David Mamet play be brought mesmerisingly to life. It's all been a wonderful experience and it is this, above all, that I will miss most about London.

I will NOT miss the horrid, horrid public transport system. Seriously people, how many times do you have to ring the bell for the bus to stop?! It averages about 4 times... and these stops are only about 200 metres apart. I mean, that buzzer just gets pressed and pressed and oh, how I'd like to yank it out of the bus itself, it gets pressed so... damn... much!

I will NOT miss the weather. It's almost the end of March... and it was snowing on Easter Sunday. Snow. In March. I think that is almost unheard of, especially for this part of the world. And when it's not snowing, it's looking grey and wet. Granted, there were a few days of sun in the last 2 years, but last summer was almost non-existent. No, I will not miss the weather.

I will NOT miss the London tube (this might fall under public transport though). Almost 2 years on and I don't think there's been a day... not a SINGLE day... when all of the lines of the London Underground were running. How sad is that.

I will NOT miss the lingo I've picked up here. Things like 'To be fair' and some of them not so nice - 'tosser' and 'arse'. I won't miss hearing things like 'Sod it!', 'Sod off!', 'Sod that!' or 'What a miserable sod/git/bugger!'. I will not miss this little English accent that creeps into the end of my sentences now and then. I notice I do it and immediately correct myself for my 'mistake'.

I will NOT miss the words 'fit' and 'spunky' being used in the wrong context. If they're fit, just say they're attractive! And if someone's full of spunk... I mean... how... HOW do you even make that connection!? It just means something else in Australia. Thankfully. Oh, and 'taking the piss'... oy... don't even get me started!

I will NOT miss the drunken state this country always seems to be in, or at least displays. I find it both odd and embarrassing that people need to travel on public transport with a beer or a glass of wine in their hands. Or have one as the sit and watch a play, a sporting event or a concert. I've never seen more pubs in a 1 kilometre radius than I have here in England.

But with the bad, there is also the good...

Besides the premieres and my love of the theatre, I WILL miss my new found addiction to baked beans. They taste great with a baked potato and cheese. Such a staple diet for England and one I only discovered this year.

I WILL miss the different types of tea available on demand. Ooohhh... there's just so many flavours!

I WILL miss the Twiglets, even though I've had a bit of trouble finding them of late. It's probably that vegemite sort of taste that reminds me of Australia though.

I WILL miss giving tourists directions making me feel like less of one myself. Knowing that I can be lost pretty much in an tourist spot, be blind folded and spun around 5 times and still make my way home, is a handy little trick I've mastered.

I WILL miss the close proximity of everything, even though I didn't take advantage of it as much as I would've liked. Even New York City was 'only' 7 hours away! That one, I did find time to take advantage of :)

I WILL miss the friends I've made along the way - some of you English and probably calling me a 'right arse' for having listed the things I won't miss!

So, come May, my time in London is up. I'll be travelling for about 2 or 3 weeks as I venture around the United Kingdom making my way to Scotland and then at the end of May, I'm heading across to Ireland where I hope to stop for no more than 12 months, if the Embassy let's me have a work visa. There's a few people over there I'd like to see again. It's been far too long.

The page is turning. This chapter's almost done. Soon, a new one will begin.

Stay in touch. The travels, dare I say it, will begin to slow down soon enough. Life will need to take over. That is, real life. A career. A (fast) car. A house. A family. These are all things I wish for and things I hope will happen. I get a little choked up to think of all the things I've done in the last few years. The places I've been and the things I've seen and the many wonderful people I've met along the way, along with all the ones that I've known long before I took that first plane ride. I am not the same person I was when I left Australia in 2002. I have noticed a change in myself over the years as I've become more cultured, more aware, more outspoken and more mature. The journey has been kind to me and I certainly owe it a lot. It's been a hell of an experience!

To think that soon enough, I will not be this... free.

Yes, my time on my travels is slowing down. But not just yet.

There's more 'Notes from an aussie trekker' just around the corner... if only for a little while.

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